ERIK SHEPNER - founder


Erik has spent the last 9 years managing special event projects in and around the Greater Bay Area. He has specialized in Logistics and Leading Teams for large footprint events, primarily in the realm of sporting and music. Erik sees events as a way to forge deeper relationships as well as mental fortitude while overcoming unforeseen obstacles. He is drawn to the chaos of special events because it is there that boundaries are dissolved and true character is revealed. Erik is married to his  wife Catherine  and together they have a beautiful baby girl.


STEPHEN ROBERTS - recruiter & project manager

Stephen is an industry wild man that has led teams on hundreds of different events over the last 8 years around the Bay Area and the country. He has overseen installation of race courses, aid stations, parade routes and festivals. He is high energy, a natural leader, and always willing to go the extra mile. Stephen acquired a masters in Philosophy in 2014 from SFSU, and frequently uses the skills he's learned on the job, problem solving and managing large teams. He is a cyclist, surfer, as well as an international traveler.


RACHEL JONES - Personnel Director


Rachel is a natural leader and a no-nonsense doer that can step into a complicated situation and impose order and authority. Over the past six years Rachel has specialized in Personnel, Producing, Talent and Venue Management, as well as Client, Sponsor, and Vendor relations. She knows how to get the most out of the personnel she leads. She has a knack for planning and organization and loves the chaos and variety that she encounters while working events. Rachel is universally respected by both volunteers & staff alike, exudes positivity and instills a desire in her team to be the best they can.



RUSSELL HILKEN - Team Lead, Tech Director

Russell was introduced into events through the music festival circuit, there he learned to manage crews and build installations in a high stress environment. Each event Russell has made a point to learn the most he can, create and enforce new processes in organization and creative problem solving. Russell has a supremely positive attitude and is always up for a challenge. His passions for building and design and makes for a perfect venue engineer. Russel graduated from Cal Poly SLO's Architecture School and lives in Oakland with his Girlfriend Julia. 



Duke's expertise in the endurance sports field comes from not only setting courses up, but also participating in the triathlete field. He is a health and fitness nut who swims, rides, runs, and studies human anatomy and function. He has been coordinating teams in the special event field for over years. Duke has a degree in Graphic Design and has many credentials in Renewable energies. He is calm, composed, and thorough.


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