Erik has spent the last seven years managing special event projects in and around the Greater Bay Area, he has specialized in Flow Design and Management for Large Footprint events, primarily in the realm of sporting and music. He is accustomed to coordinating teams over large areas with narrow time windows and little room for error. Erik sees events as a creative way to harness peoples innate desire to congregate.


Stephen has led teams on hundreds of events over the last 6 years around the Bay Area and beyond. He has overseen installation of race courses, aid stations, parade routes and festivals. He is high energy, a natural leader, and always willing to go the extra mile. Stephen acquired a masters in Philosophy in 2014 from SFSU, which he uses frequently while on the job solving problems on the spot. He is a cyclist, surfer, as well as an international traveler.


Rachel is a no-nonsense doer that can step into a situation and impose order and authority. Over the past few years Rachel has specialized in Talent and Venue Management, as well as Client, Sponsor, and Vendor relations. She knows how to get the most out of the personnel she commands. She has a knack for planning and organization and loves the chaos and variety that she encounters while working events.


Duke's expertise in the endurance sports field comes from not only setting courses up, but also participating in the triathlete field. He is a health and fitness nut who swims, rides, runs, and studies human anatomy and function. He has been coordinating teams in the special event field for almost 5 years. He is calm, composed, and thorough.


Russel was introduced into events through the music festival circuit, there he learned to manage crews and build installations in a high stress environment. Russel has a supremely positive attitude and is always up for a challenge. His main passions are construction and design and makes for a perfect Venue engineer.


Andrew was introduced to the event world in 2015 and has quickly stepped up to become a leader in his field. He is tough, full of energy, and can match the intensity of any situation. Andrew loves the risk and freedom that come along with the event lifestyle.