We are macro-event Traffic and operations company focused on creative solutions to the industries growing complexities. 


Event Traffic

Service Beyond the Cones

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We are more than traffic cones, we are the creative solutions team to get everyone where they need to be, when they need to be. SEED can manage your smallest challenge of directing traffic or tackle the logistics of all moving parts of your event. Our services include traffic control, parking assistance, shuttle coordination, vendor delivery, signage...

Although we all independently operate in a number of different roles throughout the event industry we come together under the SEED banner to primarily handle Traffic Control and Operations, or in most cases a hybrid of the two. In the event industry we refer to it as Perimeter Ops because we tend to manage everything outside of the event location from parking, to shuttles, to messaging and overall information continuity and delivery

We are at our best when the job scale necessitates the use of our entire network. SEED has spent years curating event personnel and forging chemistry between them to create a dynamic team of young professionals who respect each other and get the job done. Our true strength lies in our administrative team and their ability to foster talent and facilitate communication between our whole apparatus. For our larger events we staff upwards of 60 people. The addition of our own internal catering enables us to be our own self-sustaining entity capable of tremendous feats